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Sennheiser E845 Cardioid Dynamic Microphone & E845S with On/Off Switch

The Sennheiser E845 & E845S Cardioid Dynamic Microphones deliver your vocals clean and crisp, cutting through high on-stage levels. The E845S model comes with an on/off switch for regulating what goes through the PA on the fly. Although it costs a bit more then some of Sennheiser’s other models, the E845 provides significantly improved sound quality.

The E845 Is All About Sound

The Sennheiser E845 & E845S Cardioid Dynamic Microphones feature a supercardioid pickup pattern as well as extended high frequency resoponse. These features make for a higher overall signal output, making sure your vocals are not drowned out by other instruments onstage.

Full dynamic range and smooth tonal response keep your vocals sounding warm and clear. The Sennheiser E845 & E845S Cardioid Dynamic Microphones also includes presence lift for projecting your voice while maintaining clarity. Moving around on stage is not an issue with the E845, the microphone has consistent on and off axis response.

Take a look at the extended specs:

• Transducer Principle: Electret Condensor
• Frequency Response: 40-16,000 Hz
• Supercardioid Pickup Pattern
• Sensitivity: 1.8 mV/Pa
• Nominal Impedance: 350 Ohm
• Minimum Terminating impedance: 1000 Ohm
• Weight: approx.12 oz
• Dimensions: 1.89"" x 7.08""

Rugged And Ready For Travel

The Sennheiser E845 & E845S Cardioid Dynamic Microphones feature full metal construction for a long life. The microphones have shock-mounting and suspension in order to eliminate noise from handling and signal interference. An included microphone clip makes the E845 stationary when you need it to be.

A ten-year warranty comes with the Sennheiser E845 & E845S Cardioid Dynamic Microphones, so you have no need to worry about manufacturer’s defects. The microphone comes with a protective carrying pouch to make sure it doesn’t get knocked around too much traveling from gig to gig.

The Sennheiser E845 & E845S Cardioid Dynamic Microphones are great sounding, professional quality microphones that are a great addition to any stage setup. Their combination of durability and performance make them a great value for both amateur and experienced vocalists.

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