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Sennheiser EW112G2 Evolution Wireless System - G2 100 Series Lavalier System

The Sennheiser EW112G2 Evolution Wireless Clip-On Microphone System provides interference-free reception. The microphone system is suitable for presentations, theatrical performances and music concerts. With more than 1,000 potential frequencies, finding a suitable broadcast location is a breeze.

There are three things people look for in a microphone system - performance, usability and durability. With the SENNHEISER EW112G2 Evolution Wireless System, the quality and handy features impress.

Enjoy Hands-free Performance

Sennheiser EW112G2’s wireless, clip-on microphone system is extremely lightweight. Clip it somewhere on your clothing and people will not see it, yet it picks and broadcasts your voice with ease.

To use the EW112G2, simply set the receiver in an out of the way location up to 150 feet away and scan for a suitable frequency. Tuck the pocket transmitter into your pocket or hook it onto your belt or waistband. Clip on your tiny microphone and you’re good to go. It takes no time to set up this system allowing you to focus on more important aspects like your performance.

SENNHEISER EW112G2 Evolution Wireless System Features

Be amazed with the Sennheiser EW112G2 wireless clip-on microphone system. Auto-scan makes it easy to find the perfect frequencies. Once you have them set, you can lock them in to prevent accidental switching during a performance.

Sennheiser’s EW112G2 Evolution Wireless Microphone System is a gem that professionals shouldn’t overlook. With rich, superior sound quality, ready-to-go functionality and a comfortable feel, it’s a microphone system that you’ll enjoy for years.

Sennheiser: Wired Mics and Wireless Microphone Systems - G2 100 Series Lavalier Systems


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