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Sennheiser EW122G2 Body Pack ME4 LAV Mic/ Rack

Enjoy clip-on microphone technology with the Sennheiser EW122G2 Evolution Wireless System. The lightweight clip-on mic provides exceptional sound quality and flexibility of hands-free operation.

Today’s performers often use their hands to help express emotions. A singer may need hands-free technology for choreographed dance routines. A theatrical performer must interact with fellow actors. This is why hands-free microphones are so important. There are times when a hand-held microphone is fine, but those who move around on stage find hands-free EW122G2 systems to be far superior.

Sennheiser EW122G2 Is Popular With Entertainers

In 2008, Donald Trump’s popular reality show, The Apprentice, opted for wireless Sennheiser equipment. Both inside Trump Tower and outside on the streets, wireless equipment helps viewers hear what the celebrities are saying.

Donald Trump’s staff is not the only Sennheiser users. The Academy Awards used Sennheiser microphone systems. Musicians and bands such as Paramore, Coheed & Cambria, Lady Antebellum, OneRepublic, Tim McGraw and Snoop Dogg all rely on these durable, trustworthy mics.

Features of the EW122G2 Evolution Wireless System

The award-winning Sennheiser EW122G2 is developed for theater use. However, it works well in other settings. Presentations and musical performances will rock with the hands-free system.

Quick Set-up

The SENNHEISER EW122G2 Evolution Wireless System is incredibly easy to use. Set the transmitter within 150 feet of the performer’s location and select an open frequency. By attaching the clip-on microphone and turning on the receiver, the user is ready to go. There really is no fussing around with bulky wires or heavy equipment.

If you want to give the performance of a lifetime while enjoying hands-free function, the SENNHEISER EW122G2 Evolution Wireless System is the only choice!

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