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Sennheiser EW135G2 Wireless SKM Handheld Mic/Transmitter

The Sennheiser EW135G2 Evolution Handheld Wireless System allows you to move freely in a 150-foot range. Some systems tend to lose their signal leaving you with pesky interruptions, but Sennheiser considered those issues while designing this impressive system.

This hand-held carioid microphone excels at picking up sounds from the front and sides, but it ignores sounds in the background. This makes it a popular choice with singers and public speakers.

The microphone is comfortable and fits nicely in your hand. It’s substantial enough that you feel yourself holding it, but not so bulky that it cramps the hand or become a nuisance to use.

Beneficial Features of the Evolution Handheld Wireless System

The Sennheiser EW135G2 Evolution Handheld Wireless System offers the most requested features. Enjoy the ability to lock in frequencies to make set-up easy every time you use your microphone equipment.

Once you have your system out of the box, you scan to find available frequencies, lock them in, place your receiver in an our of the way location, turn on your microphone and give the performance of a lifetime! Don’t trip over wires or feel restricted to certain areas of the stage. You have 150 feet to move around.

EW135G2 Evolution Handheld Wireless System Benefits

Some microphones are battery hogs. Before you know it, the batteries have drained down and need replacing after a couple hours of use. With Sennheiser’s EW135G2, LED battery indicators let you know exactly how much life is left to your batteries.

Another benefit to this Sennheiser product is that dropouts and distortion are virtually non-existent. Sound quality is pristine providing flawless results every time.

Enjoy clear vocals with your Sennheiser Evolution Handheld Wireless System. Regardless of your music style - heavy metal or soft rock - the EW135G2 ensures your voice projects throughout the concert hall or arena.

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