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Sennheiser EW145G2 Evolution Supercardioid HH Wireless System

Sennheiser’s EW145G2 Evolution Handheld Wireless System outshines all other wireless microphones in its class. Designed to be the updated version of the Evolution series, this wireless, handheld microphone will not fail to impress.

The EW145G2 Evolution Handheld Wireless System provides the user with more than 1,000 possible frequencies. Finding a free station is a piece of cake thanks to the huge range of frequencies and preset options.

Sennheiser EW145G2 Evolution Handheld Wireless System Features

4 direct presets
9 frequency banks
110 dB signal to noise ratio
1440 frequencies with 36 MHz bandwidth
Bodypack transmitters are 30 percent smaller
Frequency auto scan
LCD audio signal meter display
Pilot tone squelch
Rack mount receiver
Ready to use out of the box
Super-cardioid microphone
XLR jacks

The cardioid microphone easily captures all tones from the front and sides of the microphone. Extraneous background noises are ignored ensuring a clean sound.

As optional features, users can purchase a rechargeable battery system. This allows the user to recharge the microphone rather than have to replace batteries. Most AA batteries have a lifespan of 8 to 10 hours. Sennheiser also offers a quick charge system that charges the microphone in record time. You can also switch the charger system to a trickle charge when you do not need the microphone charged in a hurry.

Sennheiser EW145G2 System is Built to Last

Sennheiser knows that the microphones they sell are going to see heavy use. They design their receivers out of durable metal components that do not wear out quickly. The microphone is also built to last.

The wireless microphone system provides the user with a 150-foot range. Don’t worry about moving around on the stage, Sennheiser’s EW145G2 receiver can be tucked out of the way leaving you with a range of 150 feet.

The EW145G2 Evolution Handheld Wireless System by Sennheiser is one of the most popular microphone systems on the market. Bands like Coheed and Cambria rely on Sennheiser’s products to ensure their performance rocks every time.

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