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Sennheiser EW152G2 Evolution 100 Series UHF Handheld Wireless Microphone

Sennheiser’s EW152G2 Evolution Headset UHF Wireless System gives you freedom to move around on stage. The comfortable headband offers an adjustable fit ensuring it doesn’t shift while in use. Crafted from durable metal materials, you needn’t worry about the wireless system wearing out in a hurry, even if when you are always on the road. In fact, it’s designed to withstand excessive use.

For its price, the Sennheiser EW152G2 is loaded with quality features. From the 1,440 possible frequencies to the 36 MHz of bandwidth, you’ll be amazed at how well this model avoids dropouts, distortion and feedback.

Sennheiser EW152G2 Evolution Headset Wireless System’s Features

The EW152G2 wireless headset system uses UHF for professional sound. The professional system is easy to use straight out of the box. Simply set the receiver in an out of the way location, you can rackmount it, find an available frequency on the receiver and transmitter and you’re good to go.

Bodypack transmitters for the EW152G2 are 30 percent smaller than traditional transmitters making them easier to hide from view. In addition, their lightweight format allows you to wear them comfortably for hours.

Choose the SENNHEISER EW152G2 Evolution Headset Wireless System

With Sennheiser’s EW152G2 wireless headset microphone system, you are getting a reliable, durable system that will impress both you and your fans. Sound quality is exceptional and the headset is so comfortable, you’ll barely notice you’re wearing it.

What do country stars Lady Antebellum and Tim McGraw have in common with rapper Snoop Dogg and hard rock’s Coheed and Cambria? They all depend on Sennheiser products to help them shine on stage.

Sennheiser: Wired Mics and Wireless Microphone Systems - G2 100 Series Lavalier Systems


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