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Sennheiser EW165G2 Supercardioid Condenser HH Wireless Microphone System

Sennheiser’s EW165G2 Evolution Wireless System is a wireless handheld super-cardioid microphone utilizing modern technology. Sennheiser engineers use metal enclosures preventing any damage when the unit is packed for a road trip. The durable design allows for shock-resistance as well as protection from dust and adverse weather conditions.

Sennheiser EW165G2 Evolution Wireless System offers an extensive list of LED displays. You can easily keep track of battery life, frequency information, signal strength and more!

Sennheiser EW165G2 Evolution Wireless System Features

Sennheiser engineers ensured highly demanded features went into the EW165G2 Evolution. The system comes with a microphone clip, XLR cable, camera adapter, AC adapter and jack cable.

UHF transmission improves the range and eliminates static, dropouts and other annoying interferences. Unlike competitors’ models, the EW165G2 wireless system gives the use an amazing 490-foot range. Not only will you be able to freely move around the stage, but you can go out into the audience as well.

Sennheiser EW165G2 Evolution Wireless System Options

There are optional accessories that you can purchase with your Sennheiser EW154G2 system. Start with the rapid charger, a system that allows you to quickly recharge your microphone’s batteries. You can also purchase microphone stand clips, shock-mount systems, additional windscreens and XLR cables.

The battery life on the EW165G2 is approximately eight hours. You should easily be able to get through a performance on one set of batteries. Purchasing the optional rechargeable battery system helps save money and allows for rapid charging when you need it.

Choose Sennheiser and you’ll soon find yourself with audio equipment that never fails. OneRepublic, Ricky Skaggs and Vince Neil of Motley Crue all trust in Sennheiser equipment on stage and in the studio. With Sennheiser’s microphone systems, every note you sing will sound delightful.

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