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Sennheiser EW172G2 Evolution Bodypack Wireless System

The Sennheiser EW172G2 Evolution Bodypack Wireless System helps eliminate wiring between amps and instruments. Use the wireless bodypack system to allow musicians to move freely about the stage. Eliminate the headaches of tangled wiring or ungraceful falls caused by tripping on loose wiring.

This is an innovative product. Heavy cables tie guitarists, saxophonists and other players down to one area of the stage. Until the release of bodypack wireless microphone systems, band members could not stray far from their guitar or bass amps. Now they can! Guitarists and other band members can go out into the audience and easily interact with fans.

The Award Winning EW172G2 Evolution

Shortly after its release, the Sennheiser EW172G2 won the Mix’s Certified Hit Award. Mix Magazine is a leading resource for news and reviews for the professional recording and sound production technology industries.

That same year, the EW172G2 took home the Mix Foundation’s TEC award. The TEC awards are given to leaders in “Technical Excellence and Creativity.” These coveted awards go to the crème de la crème in the audio recording world.

Sennheiser EW172G2 Evolution Bodypack Wireless System Features

The Evolution Bodypack Wireless System makes it easy to project your instrument sounds to the speakers without heavy cables weighing you down. You’ll see from the following features that this system rocks!

Simply connect your instrument to your bodypack transmitter and the sound is projected to your speakers through the receiver. It’s a handy way to reduce wiring, give you room to roam and enhance any musical performance.

Choosing Sennheiser’s EW172G2 Evolution Bodypack Wireless System makes sense. You have the freedom to walk out into the crowd and reach those who sit farther from the stage. Your attention to all of your audience, rather than those who are closest, will create concert buzz that lasts for years to come.

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