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Shure PG1288/PG30 Headset Microphone System

When you need a selection of component, choose SHURE’s PG1288/PG30 Headset Microphone System. In this system, you receive four critical components in a high-quality wireless microphone system. Instead of shelling out hundreds of dollars in individual pieces, purchase the bundled package and save money.

Included in the SHURE PG1288/PG30 Headset Microphone System Bundle

The PG88 Dual Channel Wireless Diversity Receiver works with a maximum nine systems. The internal antenna set up eliminates annoying dropouts. The receiver is equipped with both ¼-inch and XLR audio outs.

Shure’s PG1288/PG30 Headset Microphone bundle includes the PG30TQG Headset Condenser Microphone. This is the ideal microphone for those who move around a lot during their performance. It responds well in hot, humid settings and includes a quality windscreen to eliminate extraneous noise. In addition, the wireframe headband fits comfortably and securely.

The PG2 Handheld Microphone Transmitter offers an LED battery power indicator and a power/mute switch. The handheld microphone runs on one nine-volt battery and averages eight hours of use on one battery. Enjoy plenty of room to roam with the 250-foot range.

Finally, the PG1 Bodypack Transmitter also features an LED battery power indicator. Know if your transmitter is powered on with the LED indicators and enjoy the easy to use mute function. The bodypack transmitter works on one nine-volt battery.

SHURE PG1288/PG30 Headset MICROPHONE SYSTEM Features and Accessories

While the Shure PG1288/PG30 Headset Microphone System includes four crucial components, there are other accessories available. A clip-on, belt case makes it easy to carry the bodypack in an out of the way spot.

Shure makes a number of instrument and microphone cables available for those who wish to attach additional components to their system. You can also replace windscreens and cartridges with ease. Anti-roll rings keep your Shure microphones used with the PG1288/PG30 Headset Microphone System from rolling off tables or podiums and wireless microphone clips make it easy to attach your microphone to the stand.

Finally, color-coded rings make setting up a system with numerous microphones simple. Simply assign every user a color band and place it on the microphone for easy identification.

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