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Shure PGX14/93 Lavalier Wireless Microphone System

Shure PGX14/93 Lavalier Wireless Microphone System features a trio of wireless audio products. This all-in-one bundle features a durable condenser lavalier microphone, wireless bodypack transmitter and wireless receiver. It’s expensive purchasing these components separately.

With Shure’s microphone system, you get a matched set that performs exceptionally well. While performing or broadcasting, wireless technology is a must-have! First, you avoid damage caused by tripping over wires. Second, you have the flexibility to move to any section of the stage or area. Interact better with your audience by roaming where you wish with a Shure wireless microphone system.

Included in the SHURE PGX14/93 Microphone System Package

Three key audio components make up the Shure PGX14/93 Microphone System Package. The system includes the PGX4 wireless receiver. The receiver offers automatic setup, automatic frequency, 90 available frequencies across 18 MHz bandwidth, ¼-wave antennas, a controlled diversity microprocessor and both XLR and ¼-inch outputs. Because the technology does so much, you can have it up and running right after taking it out of the box.

Shure’s PGX14/93 Microphone System Package also includes the PGX1 wireless bodypack transmitter. The transmitter offers automatic setup, a three-position gain switch and an 18 MHz operating range. An LED panel indicates mute, power, lockout and battery life. Two AA batteries power the unit and provide up to eight hours of use.

Finally, the WL93 subminiature lavalier microphone is well suited for theater, movie and television broadcasts. The omnidirectional microphone offers impressive clarity in a compact size that is clipped to clothing. The microphone connects to the wireless transmitter via a four- or six-foot cable.

Features of the Shure PGX14/93 Lavalier Wireless Microphone System include:

1 Mohm input impedance
30 dB gain adjustment
Automatic setup
Durable polycarbonate construction
LED indicator lights
Low distortion
Maximum 300 foot operating range
Operates at zero degrees F to 122 degrees F
Patented audio reference companding
XLR and ¼-inch outputs on receiver

SHURE’s PGX14/93 Lavalier Wireless Microphone System is a perfect solution for people who need to move around while using a microphone. It’s a favorite of newscasters and public speakers because of its durable, high-quality construction and sound quality.

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