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Shure Beta 57A Instrument Microphone

Suitable for vocals, acoustic and electric instruments the Shure Beta 57A Instrument microphone captures every nuance of your unique sound. Using a super-cardioid pattern, the microphone deftly captures sounds from front and sides while blocking out extraneous background noises.

The Shure Beta 57A was developed for use with instruments. Specifically for guitars, drums and woodwinds. However, it does an outstanding job in the hands of singers as well. Crafted with a steel grille, the microphone withstands excessive use and rough handling.

Who Uses Shure Products

Shure is a trusted brand with years of experience. Some of today’s most talented artists rely in Shure audio products. Writer/Producer Glen Ballard (Alanis Morissette, George Strait, No Doubt) and Ken Caillat (Fleetwood Mac, Paul McCartney, Pink Floyd) trust in Shure to get their jobs done. In fact, Caillat sticks to Shure microphones in the control room for vocals and is current working on producing his daughter Colbie’s second album.

Shure Beta 57A Instrument microphone Optional Accessories

The Shure Beta 57A Instrument microphone does have optional accessories that increase usability and performance. A variety of shock mount clips and microphone clips aid in a secure attachment to the microphone stand you currently own.

To reduce noise from breath or wind, you can purchase a durable locking microphone windscreen. Shure also sells replacement grilles and replacement cartridges.

Shure Beta 57A microphone Features

Shure’s microphones are always a delight. The Beta 57A is durable and provides excellent protection against outside noises like wind, breathing and movement while on stage.

Adjustable stand adapter
Durable steel mesh grille withstands excessive use
Impedance of 150 ohms
Internal pneumatic shock mount prevents handling noise and vibration
Male XLR three-pin audio connector
Neodymium magnet ensures high signal to noise ratio
Optimized response
Super-cardioid pattern
Tailored frequency response

With Shure’s Beta 57A Instrument microphone you’ll never be disappointed. Exceptional sound, ease of use and ruggedness are top features. It’s no wonder so many professionals trust in Shure products for their audio needs.

The 57A instrument microphone by Shure is suitable with both instrumental performances and vocals. You will find that the microphone's quality and resilience outshine the competition.

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