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Shure PG24/PG58 Vocal Microphone System

The simplistic set up of SHURE’s PG24/PG58 Vocal Microphone System makes it easy to transport. Containing the receiver and microphone transmitter, the user avoids carrying a bodypack transmitter. The microphone transmitter is a nice weight at less than eight ounces, not too bulky yet substantial enough to know you are holding a quality microphone.

The SHURE PG4 Diversity Receiver

One of the components to Shure’s PG24/PG58 Vocal MICROPHONE SYSTEM, the PG4 Diversity Receiver offers wireless technology in a compact size. The receiver offers a range of 250 feet allowing the user to walk into the audience without breaking up or losing the signal completely.

In addition, the PG4 is geared for both indoor and outdoor use. It can easily withstand temperatures as low as zero degrees F and as high as 135 degrees F.

SHURE’s PG2 Handheld Microphone Transmitter

Rather than needing to wear a bodypack transmitter, the PG2 handheld microphone transmitter is completely handheld. The nicely weighted microphone is crafted from molded ABS and runs on one nine-volt battery. You can run the microphone for eight hours off one battery.

SHURE PG24/PG58 Vocal Microphone System Features

Features of the PG24/PG58 Vocal Microphone System by Shure are plentiful. The system is designed for professional use and simple to set up.

8 hour battery life
10 selectable channels
250 foot range
Constructed from durable materials
Internal ¼-wave antenna with Predictive Diversity provides uninterrupted reception
LED battery status indicator
Offers ¼-inch and XLR outputs
Power and mute switch
Variable compander for sound clarity
Wireless technology handles up to eight compatible systems

Shure’s PG24/PG58 Vocal Microphone System contains everything you need to get started. There are optional accessories available including a handy rackmount system.

The PG24/PG58 Vocal Microphone System by Shure is perfect for someone who wants to have a portable microphone system. It’s easy to carry, durable enough to withstand rough handling and takes seconds to set up.

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