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Shure PG48/QTR/XLR Vocal Microphone

The Shure PG48/QTR/XLR Vocal Microphone provides tailored frequency response to match your intended use. Using a cardioid polar pattern, the microphone blocks out background noises. Only the sounds from in front of and to the sides of the microphone are transmitted to a speaker system. For clarity and projection, the cardioid polar pattern is the best choice.

Shure’s PG48/QTR/XLR vocal microphone is available in three different models. Each model offers features unique to the others. Choose the microphone that best fits your needs.

Shure’s PG 48 QTR, XLR and LC microphones have a number of features in common.

Ability to handle excessive volume while eliminating distortion
Cardioid polar pattern
Dynamic neodymium magnet cartridge with a durable coil
Frequency response of 70 Hz to 15 kHz
On/off switch
Solid metal construction
Steel mesh ball grill with windscreen
Tailored frequency response

By using neodymium magnet cartridges and windscreens, the sound quality projected by the microphone is exceptionally clear making these microphones suitable for oral presentations and performances where the microphone is kept at a distance from the mouth.

Shure PG48 LC Features

The PG48 vocal microphone by Shure comes with a handy storage bag, 3/8-inch to 5/8-inch thread adapter, and a handy microphone clip.

Shure PG48 QTR Features

Shure’s PG48 QTR comes with a XLR to ¼-inch 15-foot cable, storage bag and 3/8-inch to 5/-8-inch thread adapter. A microphone clip is also included.

Shure PG48 XLR Features

Finally, the Shure PG48 XLR comes with a 15-foot XLR to XLR cable, 3/8-inch to 5/-8-inch thread adapter, microphone clip and storage bag.

SHURE’s PG48/QTR/XLR/LC Vocal Microphones do have optional accessories available. Windscreens and cartridges are easily replaced. Users can also purchase longer cables if needed. The QTR offers an optional 20-foot cable, while the XLR has a 25-foot cable.

The SHURE’s PG48/QTR/XLR/LC Vocal Microphones offer impressive sound when they are used in a microphone stand. The microphones are a bit heavier at nearly 12 ounces, but withstand excessive volume and usage without any issue.

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