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Shure PG58/QTR/XLR Vocal Microphone

The durable metal construction ensures a strong product that can withstand rough handling. The Shure line of PG58 Vocal Microphones offer three high-quality models: QTR, XLR and LC. Use these microphones for speeches and live performances.

Powerful dynamic neodymium magnetic cartridges are designed to handle excessive volume without distortion. Regardless of your vocal’s power, you will always sound pristine in the recording studio and on stage. This is one of the greatest features to look for when purchasing a microphone.

Comfort is another issue. You want a microphone that attaches to a microphone stand, but is also comfortable to hold when the need arises. The PG58 meets and exceeds these needs.

Breaking Down Features of the SHURE PG58 Microphones

Each PG58 microphone by Shure includes a handy carrying case. The case protects your microphone from the elements, including dust and allergens. Other features include:

Cardioid polar pattern captures sounds from front and sides and eliminates background noises
Constructed from durable metals
Dynamic neodymium magnet cartridge for exceptional sound quality
Internal shock mount prevents handling noise
On/off switch is easy to operate
Pop filter reduces wind noise
Steel mesh grille prevents damage from excessive use
Tailored frequency response

With the Shure PG58XLR vocal microphone, you also get the 15-foot cable for XLR to XLR connection between your receiver and your microphone. The QTR comes with a 15-foot cable that offers XLR to ¼-inch connections. With the LR, you’ll have to choose a cable that fits your needs.

SHURE PG58/QTR/XLR Vocal Microphones’ Specifications

The power of SHURE PG58/QTR/XLR vocal microphone is impressive.

60 Hz to 15 kHz frequency response
300 ohms output impedance
Electromagnetic hum sensitivity of 26 dB equivalent SPL
Negative 53 dBV/Pa sensitivity at 1,000 Hz
Operates at 20 degrees below F to 135 degrees F

For its price, the SHURE PG58/QTR/XLR Vocal MICROPHONE system is highly recommended. It’s durable, sounds great and is fun to use. You can’t go wrong with Shure.

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