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Shure SM87 A Vocal Mic -

The Shure SM87A Vocal Supercardioid Hand Held Mic includes built-in shock mount that eliminates handling noise. Some microphones fail at ignoring noises like wind, breathing and passing the microphone from one hand to the other. The SM87A truly outshines the competition. Quality filters and shock absorbers remove these annoying sounds.

Supercardioid designs ensure the microphone captures sound from directly in front of the microphone. Background noises like audience cheers and instruments are ignored presenting amazing vocal clarity.

Shure SM87A Vocal Supercardioid Hand Held Mic Specifications

Shure’s team of engineers designed the SM87A vocal microphone to perform well in any situation. The microphone delivers impressive results in humidity, cold temperatures and heat. Main specifications are:

24 dB A-weighted self-noise
-52.5 dBV/Pa open circuitry voltage
116.5 dynamic range
Crafted from durable aluminum with black satin finish
Electret bias condenser cartridge
Frequency response of 50 Hz to 20 kHz
Minimum load impedance 800 ohms
Output impedance of 150 ohms
Phantom power supply
Signal to noise ratio of 70Db at 94 dB SPL
Steel grille
Weighs 7 ounces
XLR connector

At seven ounces, the microphone is lightweight and easy to hold, even for extended periods. This is a microphone requirement most singers request.

Shure SM87A Vocal Supercardioid Hand Held Mic Features

The filters used on the Shure SM87A ensure that your vocals are what people will hear. Hissing, pops, static and background noise is eliminated. This is only the beginning of the popular features.

Built-in pop filter
Compatible with an array of phantom power sources
Low-frequency roll-off
Shock mount
Supercardioid pattern
Ultra-low RF and humming
Withstands climatic conditions

Imagine a performance where extraneous noise is not an issue!

Choose the Shure SM87A Vocal Supercardioid Hand Held Mic

The Shure SM87A Vocal Supercardioid Hand Held Mic stands out as one of the best microphones on the market. If you want impressive performance without giving up any features, this is the microphone to choose. It’s tough, easy to use and sounds great!

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