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Allen & Heath XONE 02 – Stereo Pro Turntablist DJ Mixer

The XONE 02 Pro DJ Mixer offers quality scratch mixing capabilities through the two stereo channel system. Form and function are key components when deciding which DJ mixer is right for you. Allen & Heath designed the XONE 02 with efficiency and enjoyment in mind.

Knobs and sliders become dirty with use. Airborne contaminants, dust and oils from the fingers will build up over time. It’s simply a fact of life. XONE 02’s fader controls are designed for easy maintenance.

Frequent use may cause slide and knob controls to need replacing. The XONE 02 Pro DJ Mixer is equipped with a removable faceplate that makes replacements a snap.

Specifications for the XONE 02 Pro DJ Mixer

Keeping music playing is a DJs passion. The XONE 02 is packed with user-friendly features that make the job easy.


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