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Allen & Heath XONE 1D Professional DJ MIDI Controller

Allen & Heath’s award-winning XONE 1D Professional DJ MIDI Controller complements any DJ mixer. XONE 1D uses USB power to operate today’s hottest sequencer software choices, including Ableton Live or Traktor3.

Named DJ Tech Awards 2008 Best Compact DJ MIDI Controller, XONE 1D lives up to its reputation. The MIDI controller features a compact design, is easy to use and nicely organized controls.

If desired, the XONE 1D, when combined with the XONE 2D, turns it into the very powerful mixer system. On the other hand, simply hook it up to your computer so that you have sound control over your computer’s music library. It’s an enjoyable product that offers unexpected results.

Setting Up Your XONE 1D

Allen & Heath’s XONE 1D is easy to set up. Three 5-pin DIN MIDI sockets are located on the back: In, Out and Thru. A USB port connects the controller to your computer. Hooking it up to your computer or mixer takes seconds. It's a simple plug-and-play arrangement.

The XONE 1D is tiny by comparison. Considering the unit is 3.5 by 4.7 by 14 inches, you’ll have no problem finding a place for it with your other DJ equipment. It’s barely larger than a book!

Specifications of the XONE 1D MIDI Controller

Performance is optimum with this system. Allen & Heath’s XONE 1D Pro DJ MIDI Controller features a lot of options within its very small size.

Allen & Heath’s MIDI controller comes with a one-year warranty. The XONE 1D Professional DJ MIDI Controller is built to last, very affordable and will well serve any professional.


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