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Allen & Heath XONE 2D Digital Audio Controller Converter

The XONE 2D is an award-winning 9-stereo channel sound card and MIDI controller in one. In 2008, presented Allen & Heath’s XONE 2D with the award for Best Standalone Computer Interface.

Allen & Heath’s XONE 2D Digital Audio Controller/Converter offers plenty of connections for your DJ equipment. Add it to any mixer for a supreme DJ system. It’s small and takes up minimal space.

Use the tap tempo button to create MIDI clocks or analyze the audio’s BPMs instead. Allen & Heath gives you the option to power your music either way.

Features Found on the XONE 2D Digital Audio Controller/Converter

Allen & Heath put a lot of thought into the design of the XONE 2D. The digital audio controller/converter is small, yet delivers plenty of useful features.

Good Things Come In Small Packages

The XONE 2D is small and weighs very little. Its convenient size makes it much easier to transport from location to location.

Allen & Heath’s XONE 2D Digital Audio Controller/Converter is more affordable than the 3D making it a suitable choice for DJs on a budget. You get just as much power in a smaller, less expensive design.


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