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Allen & Heath XONE 32 Professional DJ Mixer

The XONE 32 Professional DJ Mixer’s design reigns supreme. Established by a long-time, professional DJ, the pro DJ mixer offers thoughtful slide and button placement while offering every bell and whistle you could dream up.

XONE 32 Specifications

The XONE 32 comes with a standard IEC 3-pin plug that uses a maximum 30W.

Features of Allen & Heath’s XONE 32

Talk about impressive performance. The XONE 32 Professional DJ Mixer brings DJ mixing to new extremes. Just look at all the features.

Allen & Heath’s XONE 32 Pro DJ Mixer comes with the leads, user guide and a sheet of stickers. In addition, a mounting kit is available. You may also upgrade to the durable Penny & Giles conductive plastic crossfader.

The Best on the Market

There’s no doubt. DJs are raving over the XONE 32 Pro DJ Mixer. It offers plenty of features that turn a DJs performance into a memorable event.

With maximum Main outputs of +24 dBu, you get a lot of volume for the money. With frequency response of 10 Hz to 40 kHz and residual output of –100 dBu, your listeners will enjoy the show!


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