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Allen & Heath XONE 62 Professional Club DJ Mixer

The XONE 62 Professional Club/DJ Mixer offers award winning technology and extreme audio performance. Winner of DJ Magazine’s Techno-Scan Award for Best Club Installation Mixer, the XONE 62 aims to please.

Priced to beat the competition, it’s not surprising that Allen & Heath’s XONE 62 is a top-selling unit. DJs across the world rely on this mixer for their professional needs. It performs extremely well delivering superior sound every time.

Matching superior filters with the four-band equalizer, the XONE 62 delivers concert-quality audio. This is only the beginning!

Look At XONE 62’s Impressive Features

The XONE 62 Professional Club/DJ Mixer is packed with the options DJs desire.

Working With The XONE 62 Professional Club/DJ Mixer

Allen & Heath designed the XONE 62 mixer to handle excessive use. Parts are durable and will not cause poor sound quality, even if they do start showing signs of wear. The crossfader is simple to replace, all you’ll need is a small screwdriver.

The set-up on the XONE 62 mixer board is logical. The crossfader is at the bottom. Channels are above that laid out in sequential order. Your master is to the left. The headphone jack is set away from the slides to prevent the cord from accidentally catching on slides.

Allen & Heath’s XONE 62 Professional Club/DJ Mixer offers versatility and superb function. You’ll find yourself overjoyed with all it can do.


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