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Allen & Heath XONE VF1 Stereo Filter

Allen & Heath XONE VF1 Stereo Filter easily enhances any musical performance. Geared for live recordings, the filter unit gives the artist complete control over their sound quality. Enhance bass or synthesizer in seconds.

The analog filter unit attaches to other equipment via a number of input and output connections. Each connector is filtered nicely using XONE’s quality filtration circuits.

XONE’s VF1 Stereo Filter takes user-friendly to a new level. One row of knobs and lights covers the front of the panel. Built-in resonance control eliminates the need for setting levels. Once you’re hooked up, you can tweak the filter circuits to your liking. You’ll see there are five possible settings:

Turn any performance into a show-stopping event by creating dramatic effects with your VF1. The features make it easy to take music to a new plain.

Features of Allen & Heath’s XONE VF1 Stereo Filter

The XONE VF1 Stereo Filter isn’t covered in slides and knobs. Instead, you’re treated to a nice layout of knobs and switches on the front and back that help you improve your music’s sound quality. Despite the smaller set-up, features will impress.

Allen & Heath XONE VF1 Stereo Filter works nicely with other XONE products, especially mixers. Wow your audience with unheard of audio clarity by teaming up the XONE VF1 with your mixer.

When you want a show that people will not forget, the XONE VF1 Stereo Filter is the only way to go. Easy to set up and simple to use. You’ll be surprised by the results you achieve.


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