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Allen & Heath Zed 22FX 22 - Channel Mixer with USB Interface

The Zed 22FX 22-channel mixer engineers a newer effect’s card providing refined sound and the functionality of USB interface. Allen & Heath’s engineers worked tirelessly to establish the best sound and reverb possible while still being affordable to working professionals.

As a result, the Zed 22FX is packed with features and provides undeniably smooth sound quality to any genre of music. With 22-channels, there are plenty of options available for hooking up your audio equipment.

Allen & Heath’s Zed 22FX weighs a little more than 23 pounds. The measurements are 3.9” by 25.4” by 18.3” making it easy to take with you or leave in your home studio. Realistically, it’s an easy model to carry around when needed because it’s compact and relatively lightweight.

The Impressive Nature Of Allen & Heath’s Zed 22FX 22 - Channel Mixer

Allen & Heath’s Zed 22FX 22-Channel Mixer provides 16 time-delay features. With more options than the Zed 12FX, you’ll find the 22FX enhances any performance or recording. It’s designed with club performances in mind, but it becomes a powerful tool in a home studio.

Features of the Zed 22FX

The Zed 22 FX is packed with useful tools.

At the heart of Allen & Heath’s Zed 22FX are the 22 channels. The board is designed in a logical sequence with the channel controls in order. The top of the board contains your plug-ins making it easy to hook up and disassemble. Everything is on one level.

Allen & Heath's Zed 22FX surpasses music professional's expectations. You'll quickly discover the mixer offers a lot of handy features in one compact unit.

Allen & Heath Site: ZED-22FX


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