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Allen & Heath Zed 24 Stereo Live Recording Mixer with USB

When you want mind-blowing effects, rely on the Zed R24 Stereo Live/Recording Mixer with USB. For forty years, Allen & Heath have been producing quality mixers that contain all the bells and whistles one dreams of.

Take the durable design. The Zed R24 is designed to go with you to your performances. Just as easily, you can secure it to your audio equipment and create an exceptional home recording studio.

Look at the dimensions. You’ll be surprised at how small the Zed R24 is. At 18.3” by 25.4” the mixer is easy to move from one location to another. Plus, it weighs less than 25 pounds, so you’ll find it is never bulky or awkward to transport.

Rock the house with Allen & Heath’s Zed R24 Stereo Live/Recording Mixer with USB capabilities

Allen & Heath have ensured that the Zed R24 is packed with handy features and capabilities.

Allen & Heath Zed R24 Stereo Live/Recording Mixer with USB allows you to create music and record it to your PC. Or, send music from your PC to your mixer. It’s simple to do.

Logical Arrangement Of Equipment

One of the key demands Allen & Heath hears is that DJs need a board layout that makes it easy to mix music in a darker environment. You’ll love the simplicity of the Zed R24’s design.

You can have quality at a very reasonable price. Allen & Heath’s Zed R24 Stereo Live/Recording Mixer with USB is priced to knock the competition out the water. Meanwhile, you’ll find it is packed with neat features and incredible sound quality.


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