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Allen & Heath Zed 420 20-Input, 4-Bus Recording Mixer with USB Connection

The Zed R420 mixer offers 20-inputs and 4-bus recording capabilities with a convenient USB connection. Hook your mixer up to your audio equipment and your PC for mixing and recording.

Whether you are running a home studio, handling live music or provide music for area clubs, the Zed R420 will not let you down. The solid construction allows you to transport the unit from site to site without worrying about damage from jostling. You have plenty of possible effects and outstanding sound quality.

Features of the Allen & Heath Zed R420

Allen & Heath’s Zed R420 20-Input, 4-Bus Recording Mixer is packed with popular features and a few surprises.

Simple Design Equals Ease Of Use

After consulting with music professionals, one thing was clear. Allen & Heath’s Zed R240 needed a logical layout. DJs and other professionals want a board that is easy to use, even in a darker environment like a club or stage. Allen & Heath's engineers got to work and made sure their Zed mixers exceeded professional expectations.

For this reason, you will find that the R240’s layout is delightful. It’s obvious how much thought went into the design. Inputs and outputs are all on the top of the board. No more hunting the back for the correct plug-in. It’s all in front of you.

Slides and knobs are arranged sequentially with the channels in order. Your mains are on the right, again in a logically arrangement. In addition, if you should have any questions, Allen & Heath products come with a handy user’s guide.


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