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Allen and Heath DJ Mixers - XONE - ZED

Throughout the world, Allen & Heath audio mixers are hot! Part of the allure is captured through Allen & Heath’s determination to continually improve their mixer line. In 2008, they came out with a line of mixers suitable for beginners, other products meet and exceed expectations of seasoned pros.

In 1969, three Brits came together and founded Allen & Heath. Ivor Taylor, Andy Bereza and Andrew Stirling purchased a tanking console manufacturing business. Their goal was to move Andy Bereza’s home business. As a teen, Bereza had a knack for building mixers and that skill turned into an amazing career.

Over the years, discord occurred forcing Bereza to quit the business and eventually return. One of the company’s biggest successes came in the 1970s when they were asked to create a quadraphonic mixer for Pink Floyd.

In 1972, Allen & Heath released the first in a line of mini-mixers. Advancements continued through the decades. In the 1990s when digital sound hit the market, Allen & Heath started designing digital live sound mixers, like their best-selling ICON.

Allen & Heath’s most recent accomplishments include setting up the Korean’ Bethel Independent Church with a powerful iLive digital mixing system.

Top-selling brands of Allen & Heath Mixers

Below is a list of Allen & Heath’s popular models. Discover their key features and choose the model that best fits you needs.

Xone: 02: A battle/scratch mixer with a reversible Penny & Giles crossfader
Xone: 1D: Dedicated MIDI controller powered by USB
Xone: 2D: Nine stereo channels and a 2.0 USB soundcard with MIDI controls
Xone: 32: Three dual-stereo channels with a three-band equalizer
Xone: 42: 4-channel compact DJ mixer with USB capabilities
Xone: 464: Six dual-stereo channels and four mono inputs with four-band equalizers
Xone: 62: Award winning club mixer with a four-band equalizer
Xone: 92: Six-channel club mixer with impressive controls
Xone: VF-1: Analog filters and valve overdrives give professionals total control of their sound
Zed-12FX: 12 Channel recording mixer with USB audio interface and DuoPre pre-amps
Zed-14: Advanced mixer with 13 independent sources, 10 outputs and 4 auxiliary sends
Zed-22FX: Multipurpose mixer with 16 time-delay effects and USB audio interface
Zed-24: Multipurpose mixer with USB interface and 23 independent sources including 10 outputs and 4 auxiliary sends
Zed-420: Multipurpose mixer has USB interface, DuoPre pre-amps, 4-band, 2-sweep equalizers and much more.

With a large selection of mixers, Allen & Heath products are certain to please DJs and other audio professionals. Beginners and experts will find their dream mixer containing all the features they demand.


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