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Behringer Pro Mixer VMX300 - Professional 3-Channel DJ Mixer

The Pro Mixer VMX300 - Professional 3-Channel DJ Mixer by Behringer provides the user with loads of possible connections. It’s not a huge mixer in terms of size, yet it contains the most popular mixer functions and offers a stellar performance every time.

Start with the incredibly durable construction. Behringer’s engineers build their mixers to last. The UltraGlide crossfader on the VMX300 lasts more than 500,000 life cycles. It will be years before you even need to replace this one part. The rest of the mixer is constructed just as solidly.

With Behringer’s Pro Mixer VMX300, you get a lot for the money. Far less expensive than competitor’s models, you’ll quickly fall in love with the VMX300.

Behringer Pro Mixer VMX300 - Professional 3-Channel DJ Mixer Useful Features

When you want a mixer that is packed with modern conveniences and quality effects, the Pro Mixer VMX300 Professional 3-Channel DJ Mixer delivers!

LED meters make it easy to mix music. The displays are simple to read and help you master your timing. Even beginners will find Behringer’s VMX 300 mixer aids them as they learn the job.

Behringer Pro Mixer VMX300 Thrills Professionals And Home Users

Any professional will be delighted with the Pro Mixer VMX300’s easy-to-use layout and incredibly capable performance. The lower price also makes it affordable for those interested in home recording.

Behringer’s Pro Mixer VMX300 is extremely affordable making it a great choice for any budget-conscious professional or home user. Have you always wanted a home studio? With the Pro Mixer VMX300, turn your dream into a reality!

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