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Behringer DJ Mixers

Germany’s Behringer is a newer competitor in the world of audio equipment. Founded in 1989, Behringer designs, manufactures and distributes musical instruments, accessories and audio equipment.

In the past 20 years, Behringer has developed quite a following. Behringer products are sold in more than 120 countries throughout the world and are popular with DJs and studio professionals.

Among Behringer’s recent accomplishments is the fact that they provided the equipment for the 2008 Rock ‘n’ Roll Fantasy Camp in London, England, where members from Rolling Stones and Pink Floyd were present.

Advancements to Behringer Product Line

New products are always in design and production. Here are some of Behringer’s newer releases.

In late 2008, Behringer released a new high-power, commercial grade mixer. The Ultrazone ZMX8210 is becoming a favorite among studio execs.

Behringer’s EnergyXTC mixers are efficient units that allow you to record directly from instruments to your computer. Instruments connect easily to the EnergyXTC line of mixers.

Behringer entered into a partnership with XT Software. Future Behringer mixers will include special versions of XT Software’s audio music software offerings.

Popular Behringer Mixers

Behringer has a huge line of mixers geared for both professionals and home audio enthusiasts. Among the most popular models, you’ll discover the following impressive offerings.

DDM4000: Five-channel digital mixer with a sampler, FX sections, BPM counter and MIDI functions
DJX750: Five-channel DJ mixer with a BPM counter and 24-bit advanced digital effects
DX052: Two-channel pro mixer with dual-auto BPM counter, adjustable XPQ surround sound effects and two-band kill equalizer
DX626: Three-channel DJ mixer with basic functions including manual talkover and peak-hold level meters and a BPM counter
VMX100: Two-channel DJ mixer with a beat counter and three-band equalizer
VMX1000: Impressive seven-channel rack-mount mixer with BPM counter, VCA controlled crossfader and three-band kill equalizer with gain control
VMX200: VCA controlled DJ mixer with two channels, reverse on the crossfader, PFL function with balance control and a beat counter
VMX300: Three-channel mixer with 3-D stereo surround effects and ultraglide faders

Whether you have expert skills or are just starting out, Behringer has a model that will easily fit your needs and expectations.



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