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Denon DN-X120 Compact DJ Mixer

The Denon DN-X120 Compact DJ Mixer is an easy to use, small, performance mixing machine. This mixers claim to fame is that it is the smallest professional quality mixer on the market today, the entire mixer comes in at just under 9 inches wide and just over 10 inches in length. Inputs for the DN-X120 are similar to that of the DN-X050.

There are 2 line inputs, 2 dual-switchable phono/line inputs, and 1 mic input but unlike the X050, this mixer has a two-band equalizer on the mic input. Each channel comes equipped with 45 mm faders and 3-band equalizers with a full kill switch option.

The DN-X120 has a lot of features that make it a very small yet extremely professional package. This mixer includes a crossfader contour, a headphone split cue, a monitor cue for line inputs, a fader start on/off switch, and a 4-position input/transform switch. Even with all these features the Denon DN-X120 Compact DJ Mixer is very easy to set up an use. Connecting this mixer to your desired output is a breeze with both a TRS balanced stereo output or an RCA unbalanced stereo output. This mixer was designed to be small so it can fit right in with either the DN-S1200 or DN-S1000 media players.

Professional Features:
- 2 line inputs
- 2 dual-switchable line/phono inputs
- 1 mic input
- 3-band EQ's and 45 mm faders on each channel
- Crossfader contour, fader start, 4-position input/transform switch
- Headphone split cue, monitor cue
- TRS and RCA outputs
- Designed to fit with the DN-S1000 or S1200 media players

For the pro on the go or the next mix battling champion, the Denon DN-X120 has all the features you need to stay in a compact working area but have all the DJ tools you need at your fingertips. With Denon's easy to use setup it takes only a few minutes to get your gear hooked up to the X120 and you are ready to go. If you are thinking of purchasing the DN-S1200 or the DN-S1000 and are looking for a great companion mixer that looks awesome in between your media players, the DN-X120 is exactly what you are looking for in professional features and an affordable cost.

Denon site: DN-X120

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