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Denon DN X1500S 4 channel Mixer for Club, Mobile and Battle DJs

The Denon DN-X1500S 4-channel mixer is the peak of Denon mixing technology. This is the mixer built for the professional DJ in any environment be i at the club, on the go, or battling other DJ's.

Sound quality is at its peak in this mixer with a floating 32-bit SHARC digital signal processor ensuring low noise and exceptional audio fidelity. Inputs are also amazingly easy and fully functional in what is called a matrix input. 4 dual-switchable inputs allow 8 devices to be hooked up at once and any source can run on any desired channel, this means you can have the same source for multi-channel mixing. Fade your mixes in the way you want with Denon's Flex Fader system. A professional 45 mm cross fader with linear contour control and a tension torque adjustment system.

The features just don't seem to end on the DN-X1500S. Also included in this mixer are 9 digital mixing effects as well as a real-time digital audio sampler with seamless loop, reverse loop, single stutter, single playback and A-B trim functions. Output your sound to TRS balanced stereo output, RCA unbalanced output, or even S/PDIF output for digital transfers. Each input channel also features 3-band equalizers with on/off capabilities and a 3-way BPM counter ensures that the on board effects are perfectly synced with your music. Extra features on the X1500S include cross fader start, channel fader start, stereo send/return, headphone output, booth output, preset function (to preset your favorite tracks ahead of time), and pre fader level indicators on each channel.

- 4 dual-switchable inputs with matrix input to run any device on any channel
- 32-bit SHARC digital signal processor for superior sound
- 45 mm Flex Fader system with tension torque adjustment
- Built-in digital effects and a real-time audio sampler
- Output to TRS, RCA, or S/PDIF
- 3-band EQ's on each channel
- 3-way BPM counter for synced effects

If you are looking for the highest in Denon performance you can't go any higher than the DN-X1500S 4-channel mixer. This mixer was designed with the highest level DJ professional in mind. With more features than any other Denon mixer this mixer takes your mixing to a whole new level. With a matrix input, SHARC processor, and Flex Fader system this mixer stays professional, durable, and a great choice for the ultimate DJ professional.

Denon site: DN-X1500S

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