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Denon DN X500 Professional 19" Mixer with Rotary Option

The Denon DN-X500 is a great balanced mixing machine. This mixer has all the great features of both the professional features you desire with the affordability, size, and durability or a great mid-range mixer.

The DN-X500 features a matrix input which let's you use any input on any of the 4 channels. The inputs include 2 dual-switchable phono/line inputs, and an amazing 8 dedicated line inputs. Each channel features a 3-band equalizer for your low, mids, and highs with a kill function. Not to mention Denon upped the ante with a powerful 60mm fader on each channel for great transitions in and out.

The DN-X500 has many great features that professionals in the studio, at home, or on the turntables are looking for. Output is a snap for both balanced XLR connections as well as unbalanced RCA output connections. There is an effects send and an effects return feature on board as well as a 45 mm crossfader with adjustable contour. Each channel has independent pre fader level indicators to keep your mix at the same sound level moving from track to track. There is a Sub-Woofer/ Light output with a frequency control, a split/cue headphone out feature, and finishing out the features is the optional choice to switch out the channel fader with a rotary knob so the DJ can pick and choose which way they prefer to be comfortable fading in the channels.

Performance features:
- 4 channel mixer with matrix input
- 2 dual-switchable phono/line inputs
- 8 dedicated line inputs
- 3-band EQ, 60 mm faders, and PFL for each channel
- Output to XLR or RCA stereo
- 45 mm crossfader with contour control
- Sub Woofer/ Light output with freq. control
- Rack mountable and Rotary Knob switchable

For any DJ professional looking for a great mid-range well priced mixer, look no further than the Denon DN-X500 Professional 19" mixer. Featuring 10 matrix input ports, output to all your best devices, heavy duty 60 mm faders, and sub-woofer/ light output, there is some great pro features all in one small package. Whether you record at home, travel on the road, or do small professional DJ gigs, the DN-X500 is an all around champion in features and price.

Denon site: DN-X500

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