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Denon DN-X900 Professional DJ Mixer with Effects

The Denon DN-X900 Professional DJ Mixer is another great staple of mixing technology straight from Denon. This mixer is nice, simple, and easy to use as well as a powerhouse of great Denon mixer features.

Don't ever worry about which inputs can go with each channel ever again with the Matrix Input Assignment which let any of your input sources be assigned to any desired channel. With 4 digital inputs, 8 line inputs, and 3 dual-switchable phono inputs, the DN-X900 has all of your input devices covered. Output to either

Each channel has the standard 3-band equalizer with a kill switch, an individual pre fader level indicator, and heavy duty 60 mm drivers. The cross fader is exceptional on the DN-X900, it utilizes Denon's Flex Fader system to get the right fade feel for any DJ. The crossfader has a 45 mm driver, a contour adjusting system, and a torque adjustment system. More features on the DN-X900 include a set built-in effects with effects send and return control and a booth output assignment system so you can monitor your music before play just as with headphones. There is also a split/cue headphone output, a subwoofer/lighting output with adjustable frequency controls, and an optional rotary knob kit so this professional mixer can fit any DJ professional.

- Matrix input system; put any input on any channel
- 4 digital inputs, 8 line inputs, 3 dual-switchable phono inputs
- 3-band EQ, 60 mm faders, and PFL for each channel
- Flex Fader crossfader with a 45 mm driver
- Booth output assignment feature
- Subwoofer/ lighting output with freq. control
- Built in effects with effects send/return controls

For the true DJ professional, the Denon DN-X900 Professional DJ Mixer is one of the most powerful, well priced piece of mixing equipment on the market today. This mixer has every input you could ask for, the Matrix input system to assign your inputs to any channel, and a Flex Fader crossfader providing the best fading experience adjustable for any type of DJ. Performance, sound quality, and sound clarity are very important in a mixer but so is ease of use, inputs, and built-in features. The Denon DN-X900 has both superior sound and features to make it one killer machine.

Denon site: DN-X900

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