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Gemini CS 02 5 Channel Stereo Mixer – A Club Workhorse

The MM-1000, coreleased with its sister, the MM-3000, is a simple, professional mixer that will withstand the heaps of abuse placed on it during studio use. It is 19 inches and rack-mountable. It has three stereo channels and a five band master EQ, replacable crossfaders, and each channel has its phono/line switch.

Offering a simple interface, the Gemini CS 02 is a no-nonsense mixer. Gemini was founded in 1969 – the year of the summer of love. The 60’s were known as turbulent times of revolution, and today Gemini seeks to uphold the standards of revolution with their professional DJ products. The CS 02 is no exception.

Ease of Use

It is a great tool for use in all genres of music, from 200 BPM glitch down to 75 BPM soul. Its 5 channels ensure you have enough creative room to mix freely in either a club or studio setting. Each of the audio outputs – master, zone, and booth – have their own rotary volume controls and allow for the export of sound via RCA, XLR.

Need input?

The CS 02’s gigantic assortment of inputs are assignable, setting users up to apply signals to each channel at any time. Each of the whopping 25 digital signal processor (DSP) effects are assignable, as well, leaving users with huge amounts of control. Some of the DSP effects include:

• Tremor Pan.
• Low Pass LFO
• Vocoder
• Pitch Reb
• Pitch
• Tremolo
• High Pass LFO
• Override LFO
• Auto Pan
• Low Pass Filter
• Delay
• Echo
• Flangers
• Laser

These effects can be selected by looking at the strikingly blue FX display and applied via the EFX toggle buttons located on each channel.

The Staying Power of the CS 02

All of the CS 02’s faders are:

a) adjustable


b) easily replaceable.

This means that if you mix hard, you can curve your faders to whatever fits your personal style, and if you wear them out (which is in its own rite a task) they are very easily replaced. You can also assign the cross fader on each input channel.

Add to all of this Gemini’s famous 3-year warranty and you have a mixer to be reckoned with. Think about it: if you play 4 clubs a week for the next 3 years, that’s 624 shows that you will not need to worry about finding a new mixer. Not to mention all of the time you will spend at home with the CS 02. Definitely a good choice.

Gemini site: CS-02

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