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Gemini iTrax iPod™ Mixer Console

Sleek, complete and unique, GCI Technologies’ iTrax Mixing Console for dual iPods ™ is the MP3 mixer for the party DJ. Honestly affordable, light and portable, it expedites access to massive music libraries.

Double Docks, Double Inputs, Triple Band EQ

The Gemini iTrax iPod™ Mixer Console is a sweet little package, in black or white, with two docking stations, angled for easy control access. Both iPod channels have rotary gain knobs, 3 -band EQ controls and Phono/Line input switches that facilitate other audio components, like CD players and turntables.

Gemini iTrax…Just What You Need - All That You Want!

Gemini designs the Console’s back panel with a composite video output so the iTrax iPod™ Mixer is compatible with current Photo/Video enhanced iPod™ versions. The USB port and dock switch lets PC users navigate and pull from their ever-expanding audio-visual archives and funnel their mixes into either iPod™.

iTrax comes equipped with master volume control, dual VU meter display and a user replaceable cross fader. Gemini manufactures the iPod™ Mixing Console with a fully featured cue section and its microphone control panel holds 2-band (low and high) EQ and volume control.

Specs on Gemini iTrax iPod™ Mixer Console:

Phono – 3 mV, 47 KOhm
Line – 150 mV, 27 KOhm
Mic – 15 mV, 1 KOhm Balanced
High – 12dB
Low -12dB
USB – 20/11/10 B-Type

Master RCA – 0 dB 1V, 400 Ohm; Max – 20V Peak-to-Peak
Record – 225 mV, 5 KOhm
Video Output Type RCA Composite

Frequency Response – 20 Hz +/- 2 dB
Distortion < 002%
SNR > 80 dB
Headphone Impedance – 16 Ohm
Power Source:
Adapter 115v 60 Hz/15v AC 15A
Adapter 230v 50 Hz/15v AC 15A

Other Gemini iTrax iPod™ Mixer Features to Remember:

¼" (6.35mm) Mic input with 2-Band EQ controls
Input selection switches
Cue section with CH1/CH2 cue fader

Gemini’s slimline iTrax iPod™ Mixer. It slips under today’s budget and into the party dj's big music bag.

Gemini site: iTrax

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