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Gemini MM04 5 Channel Rackmount DJ Mixer w/DSP Effects

The MM-04 is a perfect example of the quality and cost-effectiveness that Gemini is world renowned for. Utilizing the standard 19-inch format and weighing in at just under nine pounds, this mixer lends itself to club use with its accessible interface and durable components.

This is not to say, however, that the MM-04 is not perfectly suitable to studio environments; it will offer the same quality sound and usability as most other mixers in its class, if not better.

The MM-04 has four channels, and is perfect for mixing multiple signals. The two convertible RCA inputs six line inputs give users ample ability to plug in various controllers. The MM-04 makes it easy to mix your Serato, your CDJs, and your analog turntables literally by only lifting a finger! Each channel has three band rotary EQs to allow for the perfect fine-tuning of mixes. Combine this all with a XLR-1/4” input and you have a great little package ready to rack up in your studio, or cart off to your next gig.

The Gemini MM-04 Puts Out

The 04 has master, record, and zone RCA outputs – meaning you can target exactly where you want your sound, how much sound you want there, and what you want that sound to, well, sound like. Combine this with quality ¼” master outs and you are ready to have some good sounding fun.


The defining feature of the MM-04 is the armada of DSP effects that come with it. DSP stands for, in case you didn’t know, Digital Signal Processor. This means that the signal is altered after it has been transformed from analog in your mixer. The array of effects that the DSP on the MM-04 includes are:

• Band Pass Filter (also plus LFO)
• Hi Pass Filter (also plus LFO)
• Band Stop Filter (also plus LFO)
• Low Pass Filter (also plus LFO)
• Echo
• Phaser
• Phaser2
• Flanger
• Flanger2
• Auto Pan
• Trance Pan
• Decimator

… and more to make up 25 effects, all displayed in the Gemini MM-04’s blue-backed LCD panel. Happy mixing!

Gemini site: MM-04

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