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Gemini MM 1000 Rack Mountable – The Affordable Professional Mixer

The MM-1000, coreleased with its sister, the MM-3000, is a simple, professional mixer that will withstand the heaps of abuse placed on it during studio use. It is 19 inches and rack-mountable. It has three stereo channels and a five band master EQ, replacable crossfaders, and each channel has its phono/line switch.

The MM-1000 is a simple, dependable, rack mixer. Although it doesn’t boast the accouterments that any club mixers have today with DSP effects, ten million channels and all the bells and whistles, but it only runs around $100. Price those club mixers at upwards of $1000 and you can certainly discern the MM-1000’s value. It is inexpensive and gets the job done.


Gemini has long been a pillar in the DJ equipment market, having contracted some of the DJ standards to help generate new equipment that was both functional and stylisticly allowed for creativity; in 1976 Grandmaster flash, the inventor of the mix, designed a scratching unit for Gemini.

It is from these roots that you can expect a mixer as inexpensive as the MM-1000 to be a quality product. And, to top it all off, you get Gemini’s standard 3 year warranty to look after your equipment.

The MM-1000 give users the choice of 3 stereo channels, with a master 5-band EQ. There is also 2 phono/line inputs and 6 line inputs, as well as two 1/4” jack inputs. The cross fader is replaceable and is of the Rail Glide variety, and there is a gain control for the microphone output. All input channels have cue toggles and line switches, and the MM-1000 comes with a phono/stereo switch for the master output. The power supply is a 15v-500mA adapter.

The MM-1000 and the Ipod

The best part about the MM-1000 is its compatibility with iPods. This means DJs can plug their portable music players directly into their mixer without having to worry about going out and buying the special cord; it comes with the unit.

The MM-1000 is an all-around good deal and is paving the way for affordable, quality DJ mixers to become more readily available on the market.

Gemini site: MM-1000

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