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Gemini MM-3000 5 Channel Stereo Mixer : Supreme Value, Minimal Cost

The MM-3000 is a durable, affordable piece of equipment with a simple interface. Gemini has, once again, figured out a way to provide all levels of DJs with a mixer that is tailored to them. It provides many of the features that mixers much more expensive have at a fraction of the cost.

The Gemini MM-3000 is a 5-channel, 19-inch professional, rack-mountable mixer. It takes up three spaces on most racks. Its five channels ensure that you will have very few problems connecting all of your equipment, from computers to analog turntables, from CDJs to your Mini Korg. It has two mic inputs with kill switches.


The MM-3000 is outfitted with a replaceable Rail Glide cross fader, three 1/4” inputs, 2 phono/line inputs with converter switches, eight line inputs, 3 band line EQs for each channel (rotary), and 2 band mic EQ control with a cut button (rotary).

Most mixers in the MM-3000’s price range tend to be barren and lacking in features, but this Gemini product is not. Combining a user-friendly interface with a sleek, black exterior design, the MM-3000 remains simple to use and affordable but provides numerous features for DJs to get creative with.

For example, the mic has an auto talk-over function, and there are separate rotary volume controls for master, zone, balance, and cue. There are also separate outputs for record, master, and zone audio, and cue fader volume control.

Use the MM-3000 in Different Settings

The MM-3000 is ideal for club, studio, party, or concert use. It is extremely manageable and can mount either on your studio rack or in between your record players or CDJs. The 1/4” headphone jack is faceplate mounted for ease of use both in-studio and out. Its bright dual display with LED illumination will give you a visual reading in the dark of a club or party, and its sturdy chassis will absorb the abuses of the road and those annoying patrons who bump or spill on your equipment.

The Gemini MM-3000 is, above all, a great deal. You can expect quality audio and durability from this affordably priced mixer.

Gemini site: MM-3000

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