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Gemini PDM 01 4 Channel Stereo Mixer

The immediately noticeable characteristic of the PDM-01 is its simple, clean interface. The 19-inch rack-mountable mixer is a great addition to DJs’ club setups. It boasts no-nonsense control with exceptional channel versatility

The PDM-01 loves microphones. It loves them so much, in fact, that it has three holes for them – a faceplate-mounted XLR, and two ¼” inputs in the rear. Users can control the XLR Mic input via its personal EQs, located at the far left of the top interface. These include the high and low-pass EQs, as well as volume rotaries for two Mics. Additionally, there is an on/off/talk over switch, allowing users to autofade music down if they feel they have something important to say.

The PDM-01 also features seven line, 3 Mic, and two phono/line convertible RCA inputs, allowing users access to a very flexible array of plug-in options. The seven lines allow for digital inputs from devices such as laptops, mp3 players, synthesizers, or anything else that uses a digital or digitally converted signal one might want to connect (Hammond B3 organ, anyone?). The phono/line channels give room for turntables and allow users to switch back and forth between their analog and digital signals with the flip of a switch.

Extreme Adjustability

Quite prominent at the top of the mixer is the two ten-band equalizers. This feature allows for supreme control over sounds, and helps DJs to adjust their sound almost to perfection. Most mixers do not include this kind of control, but the PDM-01 puts it (literally) right at users’ fingertips, an gives it a glowing blue LED indicator to boot.

Combine all of these features with an assignable (replaceable, too!) cross-fader, a cue-to-program fader control for on-the-fly cue mixing, push button cue channel selection, and even a BNC lamp port, and the PDM-01 seems to pack a powerful punch – especially for the low price.

The Gemini PDM-01 is an all around mixer that will suit both user’s club and studio needs. With a sturdy chassis that can endure the hardest knocks, it can be taken anywhere. Or it can be racked up at home. Either way, it will be a valueable addition to the DJ’s arsenal.

Gemini site: PDM-01

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