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Gemini PDM 02 19 4-Channel Mixer with 10 band EQ

The Gemini PDM-02 is a versatile, 19-inch rack-mountable mixer that enables DJs to perform well both in-studio and out. It functions well in clubs, allowing users to manipulate sound easily with a simple interface studded with intricate and precise audio controls. A key element of the PDM-02 is its extremely malleable effects.

The first thing users will notice about the PDM-02 is its prominently centered four channels. These channels are very manipulatable and anything form digital inputs (such as a laptop, CDJs, or synthesizers) to analog inputs (like turntables) can be connected via the 02’s seven lines, three Mic (two of which are ¼”), and two phono/line convertible RCA inputs. The faceplate-mounted XLR Mic input can be controlled via the rotary EQs and talkover/kill switch beneath it or assigned to the first channel fader.

More Control

The Gemini PDM-02 features two ten-band EQs mounted conveniently at the top of the interface. These equalizers are useful especially for studio mixing, but also helpful for fine-tuning pesky club mixes as well. These EQs can be turned on or off via a central switch with a blue LED indicator.

Each of the PDM-02’s four channels can be assigned to two devices at a time and toggled back and forth via their respective line switches. So, theoretically, users can connect up to eight devices to their Gemini mixer.

The crossfader is assignable to any of the four channels.

As is standard with most Gemini mixers, there is multiple zone outputs for monitors, house, and record.

The Effect(s) of the PDM-02

Aside from being a sophisticated mixer, the PDM-02 features a number of very controllable effects from which users have to choose. Directly mounted on the right of the 02’s faceplate are numerous rotaries which can be used to control repeats, echos, and delays directly without having to sift through a selector list. These dials are assignable via switches mounted above them to the four channels.

Additionally, the PDM-02 comes with a number of other effects not typically found on mixers within this range, such as:

• Applause
• Scratch
• Copter
• Glass
• Scream

The Gemini PDM-02 is certainly a good choice for either a club or studio rack mixer.

Gemini site: PDM-02

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