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Gemini PS121x Professional 4 Channel Stereo Mixer

Everyone has heard the saying, “Bigger isn’t always better.” It can be associated with trucks, houses, kitchen ranges, and even foot size. Rarely, however, can it be associated with DJ mixers. Enter the 6.5 inch Gemini PS-121x.

Small and portable does not mean beginner and featureless. Similarly, the PS-121x is the perfect mixer for the musician looking to take a dip in the DJ waters since it gives you the quality and features you need for spinning or playing any gig – at a fraction of the cost of other makes.

Input, Dials, and Sliders

The PS-121xhas two channels, three faders, and four inputs – 2 line and 2 phono RCA. In theory, a laptop, a CDJ, and two turntables can be connected quickly and easily. There’s also a ¼” input for a microphone and a ¼” output for headphones. To switch back and forth between line and phono, the PS-121x has defined levers at the top of each channel. Each channel has hi and low band rotary EQs labeled clearly enough to see in the dark, as well as rotary gain for volume control. The cue fader is centrally located in between the channels and is a rotary dial, making it both easy to locate in the heat of the moment as well as easy to manipulate. The mic volume is manipulated by yet another rotary and also includes a helpful red light to signal that it’s on (to avoid any…embarrassing mishaps).


The channel faders glide smoothly and have eleven settings each, zero to ten. The cross-channel fader is quick and responsive, as well as durable. All faders are removable for cleaning. Aside from being able to use controllers that range from analog turntables to digital laptops and synthesizers, the PS-121x comes complete with a handy - dandy cord to connect an iPod to one of the RCA line-ins located on the back side of the mixer. As always, Gemini embraces advances in technology. Mixing from an iPod has never been easier than it is now with the PS-121x!

Gemini site: PS-121

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