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Gemini PS 424X 2 Channel DJ Mixer

The Gemini PS-424x is a great choice for the money-savvy DJ. It is suitable for both beginners as well as experts, and will complete any club set or studio session. At ten inches, the PS-424x is quite portable and works well to create a professional sound in any venue. And it is hard to find a mixer out there that offers the same quality and ease of use for such an affordable price.

The PS-424x has four line inputs and two inputs that can be set either to phono or line. This means that users can plug their analog turntables into the phono jacks and switch back and forth between whatever other input they have assigned to the remaining line jacks on the same channel. Both channels have 3-band EQs, allowing for control of the his, mids, and lows, respectively. The quarter inch Mic input is governed by a rotary volume control as well as its own rotary 2-band EQs. Both channels (excluding the Mic) run through a VU meter, which gives users a precise measurement of their levels for both the cue and master outputs.

Each channel has its own separate gain for amplification adjustment, and is also governed by the master output rotary dial. At the top of each channel, above the gain rotaries, there are individual 3 setting switches to control the type of input from each line to the respective channel.

Additionally, the PS-424x has a centrally located cue selector and a rotary dial located on the right of the unit for easy adjustment on the fly. Each channel’s faders have 11 positions and glide smoothly and efficiently. The cross fader has Gemini’s unparalleled Rail Glide technology, enabling it to take show after show of abuse. On top of that, the cross fader curve is adjustable and you can even reverse it!

The icing on the cake for the PS-424x is its compatibility with mp3 players such as iPod. The unit comes with a free cord for connecting these devices. Talk about portability! How about a DJ with no D’s?

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