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Gemini PS 626EFX 3 Channel DJ Mixer

Gemini has long been known as a standby for DJs looking for robust equipment that performs well on a consistent basis. With the introduction of the PS-626 they reinforced this consumer notion. Because of the roaring success of the PS-626, they decided to go ahead tack on some more features in a variation that gives users even more control. The end result was the PS-626 EFX.

The PS-626 EFX is ten inches wide and miles of fun. It includes all of the essential Gemini features as well as some bonus goodies. Certainly, its three channels give it a nice edge over most other mixers in its class, as well as its six line inputs and 2 convertible phono/line inputs with a ground screw to keep interference to a minimum. Each channel can be toggled to run either phono or line, or, in the case of the third channel, toggled to switch between lines. All three channels have their own gain, which in turn is regulated by the master volume rotary dial, which in turn is regulated by the DJ, of course. This regulation, however, is made much more efficient via the use of the sensitive VU meter display. Every channel has a 3 band EQ with rotaries for his, mids, and los.

The PS-626 EFX has the spectacular and durable Rail Glide cross fader, ensuring it will last quite a bit, and the faceplate is removable so users can replace it when it finally does wear out. The ¼ inch Mic input leads to a channel that can be manipulated via its own volume and EQ rotaries, and the cue rotary can be assigned to any of the three channels and previewed.

The effects on the Gemini PS-626 EFX are the filter, flanger an phaser. These effects can work to set DJs apart from the flock by personalizing the music they play on the fly. Effects can be assigned to any channel via the toggle buttons located above each channel’s fader, and they can be manipulated via the parameter dial located on the bottom right hand side of the unit.

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