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Gemini PS 626USB – Professional 2 Channel Mixer with USB

As far as USB mixers go, the PS-626USB sits near the top for both affordability and quality. It was not until just a few years ago, really, that audio equipment makers began incorporating direct signal inputs from computers. Now, it seems as if it will become a standard function for all components and controllers in the near future. As always, Gemini keeps itself up to speed.

Before getting to its main features, it should be known that the PS-626USB mixer comes standard with all of the functions a DJ would need to, well, mix. It has three channels, each with a three band EQ and separate gain control, rotary dials for the master volume and cue/program volume, a separate rotary for its mic, and a VU meter for ease of use. The faders are eleven-count and very sturdy. The PS-626’s cross fader uses the Gemini-patented technology Rail Glide, and its curve can be adjusted via a switch located on the bottom left of the interface. The cross fader can also be replaced via its removable faceplate.

The PS-626USB is Different

The best aspects of the PS-626USB are, quite obviously, its inputs. Gemini has given users the standard RCA and phono inputs for turntables and digital signals, such as those that would be produced by CDJs or a synthesizer. It includes switches on the back input panel for channels one and two that enable users to set them to either their line or phono function. There is also a nifty ¼” jack for a microphone with its separate channel. The PS-626USB’s third channel, however, is where users can plug their laptops in, as well as an optional line five input.

Listen to Yourself

This unique USB function is notable mainly because it gives users the capability of playing music from their computer’s media player – be it iTunes, Windows Media Player, Real, or anything else. At the same time, however, users can also record the audio signal coming out of the PS-626USB on their computer. “Easy to use” is most likely an understatement for this one.

Gemini site: PS-626USB

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