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Gemini PS 828x Professional DJ Mixer

The PS-828x mixer will not leave a lot to be desired. Going above and beyond the call of traditional mixing with four channels and heaps of room to play around. Combining durability with stability and quality, the PS-828x give users a genuinely enjoyable mixing experience.

The PS-828x has seven line and two phono inputs, along with two ¼” mic inputs (one mounted on the faceplate and one in back). For DJs used to mixing with just a cross fader and two channels, this mixer will be heaven. Each channel has its own three band EQ except for the mic 1 input, which has just highs and lows. Likewise, each channel has its own rotary gain control and cue button, for fast and easy playback through headphones and great control over grain and loudness.

Control at the Heart of the Unit

Aside from its EQs, the PS-828x has a cue/program rotary fader for mixing in headphones during a show, as well as a separate cue volume control and master volume control. For reference, Gemini has included a VU meter on the upper right hand side of the interface. The meter is switchable between both cue and master input for easy monitoring capabilities. The channel faders are solid and glide easily, and the cross fader incorporates Gemini’s Rail Glide technology. It is also replacable if users wish to do so by removing the PS-828x’s faceplate, and it is also assignable via toggle switch to either channels one and two or channels three and four. Oh, and the curve is adjustable.

Channel one is selectable between either phono one or line one, channel two between phono two or line two, and channel three between line three or line four. Channel four controls either line five or the second mic.


Perhaps one of the most convenient functions of the PS-828x is the balanced XLR outputs located on the back of the unit. Where most mixers typically have only RCAs, Gemini has included top-of-the-line outputs to ensure superior audio quality. All of this, and more, make the Gemini PS-828x a solid advanced mixer.

Gemini site: PS-828

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