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Gemini Mixers

Established in 1974, Gemini Sound Products have offices throughout the world. Gemini designs and manufactures many audio products including mixers, CD players, turntables, amplifiers, outboards, speakers, headphones and wireless accessories.

Gemini mixers are of excellent quality and favored by many professionals. Artists like Public Enemy, DJ John Fleming and comedian Chris Garcia rely on Gemini equipment.

Gemini’s History

Over the years, Gemini has proven itself a major competitor in the world of audio gear. Teaming up with Allegro Music, they established a school for DJs. They also regularly support Hip-hop festivals and trade fairs.

One of their biggest breakthroughs was the release of an MP3/iPod compatible mixer. This provided DJs with easy access to their huge library of MP3 recordings during shows.

Popular Gemini Models

Gemini has many mixers available, each with its own handy features. In 2008, five new models were released proving that Gemini is always looking to improve and enhance their selection of products.

CS-02: A five-channel stereo mixer with 25 DSP effects, XLR master output, push button cue section, dry/wet control and auto tap BPM counter
iTRAX: An iPod mixer console with USB port connectivity, three-band EQ, two phono/line inputs, cue section and one mic input
MM-04: A professional four-channel stereo mixer with balanced master outputs, three-band equalizers on each channel, 25 effects, dry/wet fader controls, backlit power button and assignable crossfaders
MM-1000: A three-channel rack-mounted club mixer with two-band EQ on the mic inputs, VU meter, mono/stereo toggle switch and five-band EQ on the master output
MM-3000: A 19-inch rack-mounted club mixer with five stereo channels, three-band rotary equalizer on each channel, assignable crossfaders, LED dual display, XLR microphone input, auto talkover and balanced master outputs
PDM-01: A professional four-channel mixer with line fader controls,
PDM-02: A professional scratch mixer with four-channels, echo section and six digital effects
PS-121X: A two-channel compact stereo mixer with a ground screw, rotary EQ control, iPod connectivity and separate volume control on mic input
PS-424X: A two-channel stereo mixer with rotary gain control, easily replaced Rail Glide TM crossfader, PDM fader and VU meters
PS-626EFX: A ten-inch, three-channel mixer with built-in effects, three-band EQ with rotary gain, VU meters and iPod connectivity
PS-828X: A four-channel mixer with three-band rotary EQ on each channel, an easily replaced Rail GlideTM crossfader, twin microphone inputs with two-band EQ on each and balanced XLR outputs

With many models from which you can select your favorite features, you’ll find it easy to pick favorites from Gemini’s product line.


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