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Korg KAOSS Dynamic 2 channel DJ Mixer KM202

The Korg KM202 KAOSS Dynamic DJ mixer merges the effects and revolutionary interface of the KAOSS PAD with six different types of EQ, and an adjustable crossfader curve, delivering the most unique on the market.

The innovative KAOSS PAD has become one of the most popular effects processors in the world, allowing DJ’s to manipulate effects with the touch of a finger, change multiple effects parameters at once creating unique timbres, and add a cutting edge to their rack.

The 2-channel KM-202 is a pristine 24-bt digital DJ mixer, complete with adjustable crossfader, and a hundred effects programs that, coupled with the KAOSS PAD, permit for unequalled mixing and performing versatility. Program memory key for quick save and instant recall keeps your favorite programs within reach. The FX release function keeps delay and reverb tails intact through preset changes and the KAOSS button assigns the PAD to each channel. The KP3 KAOSS PAD gives you a wide effects range from filters, phasers, delays, and reverbs to real-time loopers and a complete synth section.

EQ is critical for mixing DJ’s so Korg has provided you with six different EQ types tailored to suit your personal sound and style. From powerful high-pass filters to unique hyped an isolators EQ curves. Every channel has a dedicated 3-band EQ with curves that cut only low frequency regions, while boosting midrange, and extrememly drastic EQ types that employ the knobs as isolators for each band. Finally, this full-featured mixer provides long throw faders and cue controls that let you set the mix and lock in beats in real-time while cueing through headphones. The adjustable crossfader curves and calibration functions let you sat the mixer to dual decks, triggering, or a laptop as well as other sources.

The KM-202 KAOSS DJ mixer is among the world’s most innovative mixers. Integration of the world-renowned KAOSS PAD literally puts the sculpting of beats and mixes at your fingertips. Never before have DJ’s and producers had so much custom processing available, or a better reason to look to Korg for the future of music production.


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