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Korg KAOSS Dynamic DJ Mixer KM402

Just when you thought you had it all in the KM-202, Korg smacks you upside the head with the KM-402, a 4-channel KAOSS Dynamic DJ Mixer with integrated KAOSS PAD.

This monster brings together all the bits and pieces of Korg’s KAOSS products with their finest DJ mixers, in order to put the most creative control in you hands possible taking your performance into a dynamic musical experience. As with the KM-202 the KM-402 merges the effects and revolutionary interface of the KAOSS PAD, six different types of EQ, and an adjustable crossfader curve to deliver a unique DJ mixer.

Korg has opened new creative doors by integrating the KAOSS PAD, a feature that allows you to manipulate effects by simply sliding, poking or tapping your finger tip changing multiple effect parameters at once to create unique timbres. This incredibly simple and intuitive interface has made the KAOSS PAD one of the most popular effects processors on the planet. The KM-402 has a hundred effects ranging from filters, phasers, delays and reverbs to real-time looper and complete synth section. In response to the emerging requirement of EQ manipulation for DJ’s, the KM-402 takes advantage of full digital processing, providing 6 different EQ types. Powerful high-pass filters, unique “hyped” and “isolator” EQ curves put even more sound control into your hands. FX release allows reverb an delay tails to decay smoothly though preset an effect changes and the KAOSS buttons on each channel gives you instantaneous control over effects.

Every channel has it’s own dedicated 3-band EQ that responds differently according to EQ curves currently selected via the 6 position selector. These include EQ curves that cut low frequencies while boosting midrange, in addition to extremely drastic EQ types that use the control knobs as isolators for each band, so you can just go crazy incorporating the EQ knobs in your performance and take full advantage of the KAOSS effects. Long throw faders and cue controls let you set the mix, locking your beats in real time while cueing silently through your headphones. And with adjustable crossfader curves and calibration functions, you can set this mixer up according to your personal preferences.

So whether you’re mixing dual decks, triggering from a laptop, or combining external sound sources from any number of devices, the KM-402 molds itself to your liking. This is more than just a DJ mixer, this is a DJ mixer that knows what you’re thinking, what you’re playing, and where you live, so play nice.


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