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Korg Live Control Zero 4 DJ Mixer

Korg’s Live Control Zero 4 DJ mixer truly encapsulates the fact that mixers are not just pieces of digital machinery for music playback; they are musical instruments in themselves.

The Zero 4 is a 4-channel, all-in one “core station” designed specifically for live performance DJ’s, computer musicians, and remix producers, so loaded with features and variable elements to enhance your performances that you may wonder how ever got along before it. But with so much to say about a mixer one asks where, oh where to begin?

The Zero 4 provides a digital mixer, audio I/O, MIDI controller, and an effects processor all in a single unit. Each channel is switchable between sources like turntables, CD players, microphones, computers, instruments, MIDI controller or a MIDI controller with audio, giving you an ultra sophisticated live mixing setup, simplified by the incorporation of a FireWire connection. Delivering superior digital and analog sound the Zero 4 supports 24-bit, 48 kHz high-res audio as standard and can support up to a 24-bit, 192 kHz audio equivalent to DVD audio fidelity. Analog components such as I/O circuitry and power supply are designed uncompromisingly to kick only the best quality of audio. An internal +/- 18 V power supply gives you plenty of headroom and the mic preamps are set at an extra low impedance designed by Peter Watts. The power supply does not require an AC adapter either.

Another completely new idea is the EQ selector that provides and EQ section with 11 different types of simulation that cover needs ranging from corrective EQ to boldly creative sound-shaping by way of a wide variety of EQ curves, filter characteristics and independently switchable isolator modeling for each channel. The full complement of effects makes the Zero series a powerful effect system; insert effects for independent use on each channel, plus a master effect connected to the sampler/effect bus along with a loop sampler that synchronizes bpm makes it easy to sample or play back loops or one shot samples in perfect time with the current tempo. Freely assign MIDI messages to faders, knobs buttons and toggle switches with the included ZERO edit software. The Zero 4’s FireWire interface lets you digitally process and mix audio sources while simultaneously performing MIDI control. This one-piece master mixer provides for wicked easy and convenient setup.

The Zero 4 features super-durable construction, is certified Traktor® Scratch ready so you know that this is a premium quality, upper echelon, mixer and Ableton Live® 6 Korg edition is included inside. Ableton Live 6 allows you to construct construct music intuitively and in real time. The Zero 4 is among the most advanced and technically complex mixers available today.

Korg site: Live Control Mixer ZERO 4

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