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Korg Mixers

Founded by a nightclub owner in the 1960s, Korg’s founder dreamed of a machine that could create a steady rhythm to help musicians keep a beat. That one dream became a reality that would be the root of one of the world’s leading audio technology firms.

Throughout history, Korg has invented some nifty pieces of equipment from the Korgue organ to the world’s first programmable synthesizers. In 1988, Korg’s engineers created a full music workstation that combined a keyboard with a drum machine and added computerized sounds and digital effects.

Korg has developed guitar and bass tuners, multiple effects processors, metronomes, computer programs, pianos and recording studio equipment. Their team of researchers is always looking for ways to make music sound better than ever.

Favorite Mixer Models from Korg

Korg has a nice line of mixers suitable to all levels of experience. Each one offers a range of desirable features.

KAOSS KM202: A two-channel DJ mixer with built-in 24-bit digital effects, six independent equalizers, a programmable crossfader, jack guard and the KAOSS button
KAOSS KM402: A four-channel DJ mixer with 100 built-in digital effects, FX release, Jack guard, a 24-bit processor and six independent equalizers
ZERO4: A live four-channel control mixer with a 24-bit processor, microphone preamps, 11 independent equalizers, FireWire connection, synchronized loop sampler, MIDI controls, Traktor software and Ableton Live
ZERO8: A live eight-channel control mixer with MIDI controls, audio I/O, CD player, FireWire connection, EQ selector, 24-bit processor, ultra-low mic impedance, digital effects, Traktor and Ableton Live software

Artists like Herbie Hancock, System of a Down’s Serj Tankian, Michael Wilton of Queensryche, Linkin Park and Guns ‘N’ Bombs all rely on Korg to meet their audio equipment needs. You’ve probably heard their amazing sound quality. It’s Korg’s quality equipment helping them to create such awesome music.


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