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Mackie 402 VLZ3 4 Channel Compact Mixer

The Mackie 402 VLZ3 4 Channel Compact Mixer is a mixer that delivers high performance sound when just a few input sources are needed. As with all of the VLZ3 series mixers the 402 features the amazing high-headroom capabilities which allow this mixer to have exceptional ultra-low noise output.

This compact powerhouse features 4 line inputs as well as 2 mic inputs with Mackie's exceptional pre-amps built in. Mackie's XDR2 pre-amp technology features a distortion level just below 0.0007% THD ensuring optimal sound without distortion as well as a range of up to 22 decibels of input sound with absolutely no coloration.

Each input channel features an amazing active 2-band equalizer with a 80 Hz low shelf frequency accompanied by a high end 12 kHz shelf for the best tweaking of your sound to the perfection you are looking for. Just as every Makie mixer is designed, the 402 VLZ3 4-Channel Mixer is set up for durability and functionality. To start with each and every knob on the 402 is sealed to resist both dirt and grime. Next, the entire chassis is set inside a solid steel enclosure . The control knobs on the 402 also are set just above the chassis so any impact will be transferred away from the circuit board. Horizontally set fiberglass PC boards are also set up for the ultimate in taking abuse. Since the 402 is so compact it can easily be transported wherever you go fitting in most backpacks and laptop cases.

- 4 high-headroom line inputs
- 2 mic inputs with XDR2 mic pre-amps
- Active 2-band EQ
- Solid Steel chassis for durability
- Fiberglass PC boards, Shock absorbing control knobs
- Ultra-compact, fits in backpacks and laptop cases

Why should you waste your money on more inputs than you need just to get the sound quality you deserve? With the Mackie 402 VLZ3 4 Channel Compact Mixer you can get all the sound quality of a large mixer in a small, compact, portable mixing machine for when you only need a few channels. You get all the VLZ3 series features like XDR2 mic pre-amps, an active equalizer, and the best durability features in the industry. This mixer is a powerhouse of sound, performance, and long-lasting features that will keep you using it time and time again for all your compact mixing needs.

Mackie site: 402-VLZ3

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