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Mackie 802 VLZ3 8 Channel Compact Mixer

The Mackie 802 VLZ3 8 Channel Compact Mixer is the perfect mid-size professional mixer. For the DJ professional looking for great sound quality, ease of use, and an average number of inputs, this compact portable mixing machine is the perfect match.

It features 8 line input sources with Mackie's VLZ3 series incredible high-headroom design to get the lowest noise for great clarity. There is also 3 studio grade mic inputs with Mackie's amazing XDR2 pre-amps providing the lowest distortion levels with a THD just under 0.0007% and an input range of up to 22 decibels with absolutely no coloration.t.

Every channel comes equipped with a 3-band Active equalizer, one of Mackie's signature components in the VLZ3 series. This active equalizer system gets the best out of your lows, mids, and highs with separate frequency levels; lows at 80 Hz, mids at 2.5 kHz, and highs at 12 Hz. You also get auxiliary send, level, and pan functions as well as an ALT 3/4 stereo bus on every channel. On the return side you get a stereo return function for adding in effects or sending to other stereo sources and a control room/ headphones matrix so you have control over your sound output. As with any Mackie mixer the 802 VLZ3 8 Channel Mixer comes with the highest class of durability with a rugged steel chassis, horizontally mounted fiberglass PC boards, sealed rotary knobs to resist dirt and grime, and control knob impact transfer to keep any drop of the mixer from damaging the circuit board.

- 8 high-headroom line inputs
- 3 mic inputs with XDR2 pre-amps
- 3-band Active EQ on every channel
- Aux send, level, pan and alt 3/4 stereo bus on every channel
- Stereo return, Control room/ phones matrix
- Rugged solid steel chassis for durability
- Ultra compact and slim design for on the go DJ's

If you are in the market for a mixer that has all the features of a VLZ3 mixing machine with XDR2 pre-amps and an Active 3-band EQ as well as only needing a few input sources, look no further than the 8 channel Mackie 802 VLZ3 Compact Mixer. With all the sound quality features of a double-digit input mixing machine all piled up inside of a sleek rugged package to serve just 8 input sources, this mixer is great for a DJ professional who doesn't need all those inputs but is looking for the best sound quality out there.

Mackie site: 802-VLZ3

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